Math Challenge Awards

Math Challenge Awards
Posted on 03/03/2022
Math Challenge Awards Night TitleEach year, District 146 hosts a Math Challenge for students in Grades 1-8. The Math challenge determines who goes on to represent District 146 at the regional South Cook Math Bowl. 

To qualify for the Math Challenge, students take preliminary math tests at their home school. Each elementary school sends the top four students and one alternate from each grade level (first through fifth) to the Math Challenge. At the Middle School, 16 students are chosen with two alternates per grade level.

The Math Challenge consists of three events. Two are individual events: Mental Math and Computation.  One is a team event where students from different schools meet to work together to solve problems. The top two students in each grade level earn a spot to represent District 146 at the South Cook Regional Math Bowl.

All Math Challenge participants were recognized on February 24 at the Math Challenge Awards Night. Awards were given to first, second, and third place finishers in the two individual events, and the team event winners for each grade were announced. 

Here are the 2022 Math Challenge Award Recipients:

First Grade
Mental Math: Jacob Holbrook, First Place; Adam Jaffral, Second Place; Sameer Abusamra and Razi Abdel Latif, Third Place
Computation: Sameer Abusamra and Jacob Holbrook, First Place; Razi Abdel Latif and Christian Taylor, Second Place; Charlotte Ly, Third Place
Team: Ben Cyscon, Adam Jaffal, Sofia Kelly, Billy Olson

Second Grade
Mental Math:
Arav Patel, First Place; John Cyscon, Second Place; Jaxson Cozzi, Third Place
Computation: Finn Combs, First Place; Jacob Spilde and Arav Patel, Second Place; John Cyscon, Third Place
Team: Jaxson Cozzi, Kailey Mackrow, Beckham Rapacz, Chloe Williams

Third Grade
Mental Math:
Peyton Rogers, First Place; Logan Rodriguez, Second Place; Elizabeth Carpenter, Third Place
Computation: Matthew Lowczyk and Peyton Rogers, First Place; Ayhem Mahd, Second Place; Ryan Kenny, Third Place
Team: Sofia Hammad, Ayhem Mahd, Jackson Murphy, Joey Zoberis

Fourth Grade
Mental Math:
Ryan Fitzpatrick, First Place; Tamer Altarifi, Second Place; Aiden Kostur and Steven Vanek, Third Place
Computation: Ryan Fitzpatrick, First Place; Aiden Kostur and Steven Vanek, Second Place; Tamer Altarifi, Third Place
Team: Tamer Altarifi, Bobby Gonzalez, Anya Kleis, Logan Smith

Fifth Grade
Mental Math:
Holland Lenters and Gwen Sands, First Place; Evelina Gecevis and Jocelyn Mireles, Second Place; Cullen Rapacz and Aiden Weber, Third Place
Computation: Amira Rashad, First Place; Jocelyn Mireles, Second Place; Alex Guldin, Third Place
Team: Evelina Gecevis, Holland Lenters, John Schwider, Aiden Weber

Sixth Grade
Mental Math:
Jessica Manijak, First Place; Nyla Unde, Second Place; George Les, Third Place
Computation: Jessica Manijak, First Place; Liam Geist, Second Place; Wladyslaw Sroka, Third Place
Team: Allen Ledesma, Mo Mahd, Jessica Manijak, Maryam Natour

Seventh Grade
Mental Math:
Zachary Orbon, First Place; Noah Galvin-Tyler, Second Place; Daniel McCarthy, Third Place
Computation: Zechariah LaChonce, First Place;  Zachary Orbon, Second Place; Ethan Angulo, Marni Hemminger, and Daniel McCarthy, Third Place
Team: Marni Hemminger, Qasem Kurdi, Teagan Rogers, Trevor Wozniak

Eighth Grade
Mental Math: Gavin Hemminger, First Place; Noah Roberts, Second Place; Daniel Pareja, Third Place
Computation: Gavin Hemminger, First Place; Noah Roberts, Second Place; Daniel Pareja, Third Place
Team: Dominic Horner, Natalie Orbon, Daniel Pareja, Amanda Schapen

Math Bowl Participants
1st Grade: Sameer Abusamra and Jacob Holbrook
2nd Grade: John Cyscon and Arav Patel
3rd Grade: Matthew Lowczyk and Peyton Rogers
4th Grade: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Aiden Kostur
5th Grade: Holland Lenters and Gwen Sands
6th Grade: Allen Ledesma and Jessica Manijak
7th Grade: Daniel Mc Carthy and Zachary Orbon
8th Grade: Gavin Hemminger and Noah Roberts
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