Chapter 3: Travel to and From School

Bus Transportation

The District provides bus transportation to and from school for all students living 1.5 miles or more from the school, and/or under hazardous conditions as defined by the state. The school bus drops off and picks up bus riders at assigned bus stops. For arrival and dismissal at school, individual schools have specific bus procedures. See the individual school pages for specific procedural information. While riding the bus, students are expected to display appropriate behavior to assure safety the of all riders. Riding a school bus is a privilege which may be denied if the bus rules and guidelines are not followed.

All students who are bus riders may ride only the bus they are assigned to and can only be dropped off or picked up at their assigned bus stop.

Students are expected to follow the bus safety rules each time they ride the bus, whether they ride regularly, occasionally, or on a class field trip. Good conduct is expected every time students ride the bus. Misconduct is a distraction to the bus driver and can also be a safety hazard to other children.

The privilege of students to ride on the bus is conditional on their appropriate behavior and compliance of the rules and regulations. Safety demands complete cooperation. Should any student persist in violation of  the rules and regulations, it shall be the duty of the driver to notify the school administration. After due warning has been given to the student, the privilege of riding the bus may be revoked.

In the interest of student safety and in compliance with state law, students are expected to observe the following rules:
  1. Choose a seat and sit in it immediately upon entering the bus, unless assigned a specific seat. Do not stand in the entrance or in the aisle.
  2. Do not move from one seat to another while on the bus.
  3. Keep all parts of the body and all objects inside the bus.
  4. Loud conversation, singing, boisterous conduct, unnecessary noise, and/or profanity is not allowed.
  5. Enter and exit the bus only when the bus is fully stopped.
  6. All school rules apply while on the bus, at a bus stop, and waiting for the bus. Inappropriate behavior will be reported to school authorities and failure to observe safety rules may result in suspension from bus services.
  7. Use the emergency door only in an emergency.
  8. In the event of emergency, stay on the bus and await instructions from the bus driver.
  9. Good behavior and behavior that will not distract the bus driver from operating the bus safely is required. Crowding, pushing, and other needless commotion are grounds for disciplinary action.
  10. Do not open windows.
  11. Keep the bus neat and clean.
  12. Be waiting at your bus stop on time.
  13. Never tamper with, damage, or deface anything in or on the bus, or any of the bus or school equipment. Parents will be liable for any defacing or damage students do on the bus.
  14. Keep book bags, books, packages, coats, and other objects out of the aisles.
  15. Keep all body parts clear of the aisles when seated.
  16. Eating is not permitted on the bus.
  17. Students are required to embark and disembark the bus only at their designated bus stop.
  18. Students must be totally quiet at all railroad crossings.
  19. Other school rules apply relative to general conduct.
  20. Cell phone use on the bus is contingent upon the acceptable use policy (Chapter 2).
A student may be suspended from riding the bus for up to 10 consecutive school days for engaging in gross disobedience or misconduct, including but not limited to, the following:
  1. Violating any school rule or school district policy.
  2. Willful injury or threat of injury to a bus driver or to another rider.
  3. Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus.
  4. Repeated use of profanity.
  5. Repeated willful disobedience of a directive from a bus driver or other supervisor.
  6. Such other behavior as the building principal deems to threaten the safe operation of the bus and/or its occupants.
If a student is suspended from riding the bus for gross disobedience or misconduct on a bus, the School Board may suspend the student from riding the school bus for a period in excess of 10 days for safety reasons.

A student suspended from riding the bus who does not have alternate transportation to school shall have the opportunity to complete or make up work for equivalent academic credit. It shall be the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to notify the school that the student does not have alternate transportation.

Video and audio cameras are installed and operational on all buses to monitor student conduct and may be used for the purpose of investigations into misconduct or accidents on the bus. Electronic visual and audio recordings may be used on school buses to monitor conduct and to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and employees when transportation is provided for any school-related activity. Notice of electronic recordings shall be displayed on the exterior of the vehicle’s entrance door and front interior bulkhead in compliance with state law and the rules of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety. Students are prohibited from tampering with electronic recording devices. Students who violate this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with the Board’s discipline policy and shall reimburse the District for any necessary repairs or replacement.

The content of the electronic recordings are student records and are subject to District policy and procedure concerning student records; such recordings are exempt from the Eavesdropping Act. Only those people with a legitimate educational or administrative purpose may view and/or listen to the electronic video and/or audio recordings.

Please report any bus concerns to the school office or the bus company.

Car Riders

Congestion around school buildings is a tremendous safety issue. Drivers should be mindful of designated drop-off and pick-up areas, and should obey the traffic flow patterns put in place at each building. Please see individual school drop-off and pick-up directions noted on individual school pages.

A few reminders about car safety:
  • Park legally.
  • Respect school neighbors – please do not park in or block driveways.
  • Do not stop or park in crosswalks
  • Do not make U-turns or turn around in driveways.
  • Obey speed limits, posted signs, and parking cones.
  • Always unload or pick up children when properly parked curbside – never stop in the middle of the street.
  • Never allow your child to cross between cars or buses, or wave them to cross in the middle of the block.
  • Do not pass buses that are loading or dropping off children.
  • Respect student Safety Patrol Guards, adult crossing guards, and school staff members.
  • Bus lanes are for buses only.
  • Seat belts should always be worn.
  • Cell phone use is illegal in a School Zone.


Crossing Guards

Crossing guards are on duty 15 minutes before the start of school and 15 minutes after the dismissal time. It is very important that students who are walkers and/or bike riders follow the directions of the crossing guards at all times. Please speak with your child regarding the importance of following the crossing guards’ directions. 

Pedestrians (Walkers)

When walking to and from school, students should follow appropriate safety rules:
  • Use marked crosswalks.
  • Do not cross between cars and buses. 
  • Do not cut through private property.
  • Obey safety signs and signals.
  • Use sidewalks, if available.
  • Look both ways before crossing.
  • Use good safety practices and follow the directions of Safety Patrol Guards, crossing guards, and school staff members on duty outside.


Once bike riders/skate boarders have reached school property, they should walk their bikes/skateboards to the designated bike rack area. Bike racks are available at all schools. Please lock all bikes to the rack. Bikes are not to be left in any other area. All bikes must be locked through the frame and wheel in the bike rack. Each bike should have its own lock. Students cannot share bike locks. Store skateboards appropriately. When leaving school at the end of the school day, riders should walk their bikes/skateboards along the sidewalk area until they are away from the school grounds. Riders should use good safety practices at all times and follow the directions of Safety Patrol Guards, crossing guards, and school staff members on duty outside. Failure to follow safety guidelines may result in parent notification or loss of riding privileges. The school is not responsible for damage to bicycles/skateboards nor for loss/theft of bicycles/skateboards.

Animals on School Property

In order to assure student health and safety, animals are not allowed on school property, except in the case of a service animal accompanying a student or other individual with a documented disability. This rule may be temporarily waived by the building principals in the case of an educational opportunity for students, provided that (a) the animal is appropriately housed, humanely cared for, and properly handled; and (b) students will not be exposed to a dangerous animal in an unhealthy environment.

Safety Patrol Guards

Elementary Schools

Some upper grade students, under the direction of the Safety Patrol Club sponsor, are responsible for helping school staff provide additional safety measures for all students before school and at dismissal times for 15 minutes before and after school. Safety Patrol Guards are stationed at key points with staff to assist students crossing the street. Safety Patrol Guards do not stop traffic.
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