Initial Identification

When families register their children with District 146 for the first time, one of the papers they fill out is a Home Language Survey. This Survey asks two questions:

  1. Is a language other than English spoken in your home?
  2. Does your child speak a language other than English?

If the answer to either of these questions is "Yes" then the student must be assessed for English language proficiency. This is generally done within the first few weeks of a child attending school. 

English Language Proficiency Screening

If a student has been identified through the Home Language Survey as needing to be screened for English Proficiency, then ELL / Bilingual staff in the student's school will screen the child with one of the following screening tools:

  1. Pre-K students are screened with the Pre-IPT
  2. Kindergarten students and first semester 1st grade students are screened with the WIDA - MODEL
  3. Second semester 1st grade students through 8th grade are screened using the W-APT screener.

A student may be exempted from screening if one of the following is verified:

  1. If the student comes with ACCESS scores or screening scores from their previous district then those scores will be used for placement in place of screening. The scores must be from the most recent school year.
  2. If the student has previously met the State of Illinois's exit requirements from EL programs.
  3. If the student meets ALL of this criteria:
    1. Resides in a home where language other than English is spoken, AND
    2. Has not previously been screened or identified as an English learner, AND
    3. Has been in general education classes in their previous school, AND
    4. Has been performing at or above grade level as evidenced by having met or exceeded Illinois Learning Standards in reading and math on the student's most recent State Assessment, or a nationally normed standardized test as long as the student did not receive any English learner accommodations.

If the student is determined to be "not proficient" then the student is eligible for placement into an ELL / Bilingual program that is most appropriate for their needs.

Waiving Services: Parents who wish to waive ESL / Bilingual services for their students must submit a signed letter indicating that they do not want ESL services for their students.  Please see Parent Resources for additional information on parent rights and waiving ESL / Bilingual services.

Additional Screening / Assessment

In order to determine the appropriate program or level of services within a program, students may receive additional screening.  

All students from Kindergarten through 8th grade will be assessed for their Fountas and Pinnell reading level. This F&P screening helps ELL / Bilingual staff to know the student's current reading level and guides instruction.

If a child speaks Spanish, then they will be assessed using the LAS in order to determine their Spanish proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The level and intensity of bilingual Spanish supports that the child will receive will be guided by this information.

If a child speaks Arabic, they will be assessed using a district-developed assessment in order to determine their Arabic proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The level and intensity of bilingual Arabic supports that the child will receive will be guided by this information.

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